“Hell hath no fury…..”

Well, I do believe that we may be seeing the beginnings of the self-destruction of the Democratic Party, at least in 2008. The brouhaha over the delegates from Michigan and Florida is definitely heating up. In the asinine world of politics, WE has nothing to do with it. It’s ALL about ME ME ME ME (read POWER!!!). Ignoring completely any possibility that either of the two Democratic candidates has a sane position on an issue, any issue, we could well be seeing the beginnings of the end. It appears that the Democrats in Florida have given up on trying to have another primary – one that counts that is. The Florida Congressional delegation has been opposed to any kind of mulligan or do-over. It also seems that the most vocal opponent of giving the millions of Florida Democrats a voice in their party’s choice of a candidate is a vehement supporter of the lady from New York. To the extent that the catfight for their party’s nomination goes down to the convention, so goes the increasing chances of their party’s doom. The man from Illinois has, for better or worse, gotten many of us off our lazy hineys and involved in the madness to some degree. These folks are comparatively new to the real nature of this madness. The race is going down to the wire and the lady from New York is using every favor owed, every tactic in the book, milking the party establishment for all it’s worth in her fight to win. If it comes down to the convention and she wins, hordes will be screaming foul! It’s not, that’s politics as usual. The anger and animosity that will direct towards the Democratic Party will not fade quickly. It could be the biggest threat to the party establishment, if not the party itself, in decades.

 Meanwhile, the opposition sits and, no doubt, tries to maintain a calmness in the midst of the coming of the political mother lode. Fact is, the glee is bursting at the seams fighting to get out. The man from Illinois hasn’t learned the lesson that Bill has – you DO NOT make the BOSS angry.

 Now I’ll admittedly be choosing the opposition come November but not because of anything to do with their actual candidate. They could probably offer up a serial killer and still get my vote. As an AMERICAN, the best decision I can make is the one that will ensure the greatest amount of gridlock in Washington. The Democrats have more than enough control of Congress. Under no circumstances can we allow a Democrat in the White House. They, just as the Republicans would if the situation was reversed, would do far too much damage to this country. The less that gets done in Washington, the better. Only when the need for action is so blatantly obvious that even the crooks, cons and scammers in Washington can’t deny it can they be allowed to actually act. Voting for President of the United States has NOTHING to do with the issues, the candidates or the facts. It’s pure, simple, unadulterated damage control.

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