Thinking about my prior post reminded me of something I heard of a long time ago – the NOTA choice on the ballot. NOTA is for NONE OF THE ABOVE. How can anyone not absolutely love the concept??? Every political office on the election ballot would have a place to vote for NOTA! Now we’d have to exclude NOTA votes from determining which criminal, uh, politician wins but just imagine the possibilities. For someone running unopposed, if 100,000 votes are cast and 95,000 of the votes for your office are NOTA votes, you look a bit silly. It could be like tossing a bloody carcass into the sea. The sharks come circling fast! Even better, in a political contest that is opposed, imagine being the loser and not just coming in second, but coming in third to the NOTA votes! The ultimate would be for the “winner” to come in second to the NOTA votes! Who knows, maybe it could be the first of the many steps it would take to get rid of the politicians and start getting AMERICANS back in government. Yea, I know, hell will freeze over first. But then again, it may not freeze over but who says we can’t air-condition the place???

(Original post on 4-NOV-2006 10:41 PM)

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