Time to RAIL

Yes folks. In the US, this coming Tuesday is “election day”. It’s the culmination of intense slander, character assassination, and uncountable other types of mud slinging. It takes a VERY special type of “alleged human being” to perform on such low levels. They are called “politicians”. They come in all types and varieties. Usually, if you want to engage in the typical activities of a politician, a normal human being has to engage in behavior that inevitably leads to a prison term. For politicians, such behavior is the norm. I mean, after all, we’ve had our sexual predator in the White House. We have Congressman resigning and some even going to jail. These are the inept ones. Good politicians don’t get caught.

Anyway, Tuesday is our chance to vote for which slimeballs we want running our government. Thus, the title – Time to RAIL or Time to Retire An Incumbent Legislator. After all, the only truly good politician is an unemployed one! So lets all go to the polls on Tuesday and do our part! Even those “unopposed” can lose. Write in a vote for Mickey Mouse, Ted Bundy, Jimmy Hoffa, or even the Tooth Fairy and RETIRE AN INCUMBENT LEGISLATOR! Just imagine the election returns on TV :-)

(Original post on 4-NOV-2006 10:24 PM)

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