That thin line between just about everything

We as a society consider ourselves civilized. We see ourselves as educated, intelligent, sane. We point to the past and see barbarism and superstition. Yet the Romans, as just one example, considered themselves civilized and those that were not part of the empire were the barbarians. The fact that their society was built on slavery and things like the gladitorial games were such big part of their society didn’t seem to matter. That’s how they defined civilized. We define it a bit differently today but yet we have things like the Holocaust, the killing fields of Cambodia, Rwanda, and numerous other example of genocide just in the last 200 years. We had slavery still part of our society just 150 years ago. Talk to folks in law enforcement and you’ll find it still exists in our society today. We have our serial killers and criminals. Many things about someone that we would see and identify as madness a few hundred years ago we see today as physical illnesses that we can treat to some degree or maybe even cure. The Nazis, Khmer Rouge, Hutus, etc. never saw what they were doing as wrong. Neither did the Romans, the population of Salem, the Inquisition and so on. It’s said that the victors write history. Do they also define what is civilized? Have you ever been truly scared? Enough to where you look back on that time and the thoughts that you had and seriously considered then and wonder if you were going crazy? Just how wide or thin is the border between civilized and barbaric, sane and mad, intelligent and superstitious? Just how civilized are we today?

(Original post on 25-MAY-2006 4:50 PM)

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