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Real men do cry….

Generic Viagra generic viagra capsules I just finished reading a couple of stories in the press about autism. One was a commentary by Jenny McCarthy about her son’s recovery (she stresses not cured) from autism. This ties into the vaccine link controversy. The other story was about a single mom who used a sperm donor [...]

Time to RAIL

Yes folks. In the US, this coming Tuesday is “election day”. It’s the culmination of intense slander, character assassination, and uncountable other types of mud slinging. It takes a VERY special type of “alleged human being” to perform on such low levels. They are called “politicians”. They come in all types and varieties. Usually, if [...]

The Queen’s English, American English and then there’s Southern! – Part 2

 Okay, follow the link to get the background behind this line of thought. Here’s another handy one. The Southern version is “pulling a Dolly Parton”. It basically can be used in place of any English that is saying “trying to saydoactetc. too much into too little”. Think of it in terms of how Dolly Parton herself [...]

The latest Maalox moment

You know you’re old when you think of the past in terms of decades and not years. (Original post on 18-SEP-2006 2:52 PM)

Clearing brush with a thermonuclear device

Okay, the title’s weird but what do you expect from me? A while back, I had one of those experiences where intelligence seems to have been considered irrelevant. I got a late night request from my two “bosses” to pick them up a baked potato from one of the local fast food chains (Uh, how [...]

That thin line between just about everything

We as a society consider ourselves civilized. We see ourselves as educated, intelligent, sane. We point to the past and see barbarism and superstition. Yet the Romans, as just one example, considered themselves civilized and those that were not part of the empire were the barbarians. The fact that their society was built on slavery [...]

Cosmological considerations by a crumbling corpus

 Cute alliterations aside, I ain’t smoking anything. I just seem to find a wide variety of things rather interesting. I’ve read some of Hawking’s books, need to get around to doing some reading on string theory, and am quite happy to devour the babblings presented on the testosterone channels. Interesting that black holes “leak” – [...]

Last I checked, I was a person, not a THING!

Sorry, it’s just too hard to stay upbeat for very long, especially when you think about things like this. What’s really depressing is that it’s not a problem limited to where I work or my little part of the world. I “talk” (e-mail/IM) to folks all over the globe and hear the same thing from [...]

The little guy CAN make a difference!

I’ve been involved in something for almost a year and a half now that is basically effortless on my part but has the potential to impact all of humanity. I participate in something called the World Community Grid. It’s a project that uses distributed computing or grid computing to utilize the time that folks PCs [...]

Sausage relationships

For those of you who do not follow the comic strip Zits (see ), the strip from May 17th had a classic line in it. “Relationships are like sausage…..It’s really better not knowing how they’re made.” Zits is a comic strip whose main character is a post-pubescent pre-driver’s-license teenage boy. Clearly an idea with [...]