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Real men do cry….

Generic Viagra generic viagra capsules I just finished reading a couple of stories in the press about autism. One was a commentary by Jenny McCarthy about her son’s recovery (she stresses not cured) from autism. This ties into the vaccine link controversy. The other story was about a single mom who used a sperm donor [...]

The Queen’s English, American English and then there’s Southern! – Part 2

 Okay, follow the link to get the background behind this line of thought. Here’s another handy one. The Southern version is “pulling a Dolly Parton”. It basically can be used in place of any English that is saying “trying to saydoactetc. too much into too little”. Think of it in terms of how Dolly Parton herself [...]

The Queen’s English, American English and then there’s Southern!

There’s a decent number of folks these days that claim to speak English. Well, there’s different varieties of English. The “Queen’s English” is asserted to be the correct and proper English. American English seems to be the most predominant English (which may or may not be a good thing). However, Southern is English with tact [...]

There’s tired and then there’s butt-draggin’ tired…..

You know you’re butt-draggin tired when a dog with a case of worms couldn’t drag it any lower than yours. (Original post on 18-APR-2005 2:03 PM)