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Real men do cry….

Generic Viagra generic viagra capsules I just finished reading a couple of stories in the press about autism. One was a commentary by Jenny McCarthy about her son’s recovery (she stresses not cured) from autism. This ties into the vaccine link controversy. The other story was about a single mom who used a sperm donor [...]

“Hell hath no fury…..”

Well, I do believe that we may be seeing the beginnings of the self-destruction of the Democratic Party, at least in 2008. The brouhaha over the delegates from Michigan and Florida is definitely heating up. In the asinine world of politics, WE has nothing to do with it. It’s ALL about ME ME ME ME [...]


Thinking about my prior post reminded me of something I heard of a long time ago – the NOTA choice on the ballot. NOTA is for NONE OF THE ABOVE. How can anyone not absolutely love the concept??? Every political office on the election ballot would have a place to vote for NOTA! Now we’d [...]

Time to RAIL

Yes folks. In the US, this coming Tuesday is “election day”. It’s the culmination of intense slander, character assassination, and uncountable other types of mud slinging. It takes a VERY special type of “alleged human being” to perform on such low levels. They are called “politicians”. They come in all types and varieties. Usually, if [...]

Clearing brush with a thermonuclear device

Okay, the title’s weird but what do you expect from me? A while back, I had one of those experiences where intelligence seems to have been considered irrelevant. I got a late night request from my two “bosses” to pick them up a baked potato from one of the local fast food chains (Uh, how [...]

Last I checked, I was a person, not a THING!

Sorry, it’s just too hard to stay upbeat for very long, especially when you think about things like this. What’s really depressing is that it’s not a problem limited to where I work or my little part of the world. I “talk” (e-mail/IM) to folks all over the globe and hear the same thing from [...]

More information we just CAN’T live without

Frankly, I suspect some of our British friends had a few too many pints with their fish and chips while they sat around coming up with ideas and hitting on this one: Actually, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the whole thing was paid for with a government grant. After all, governments are [...]

Someone’s been sniffing something……

Remember this the next time you think you’ve done something REALLY stupid (and I’m not referring to the person that tripped). Addendum: The linked story is gone. Seems that a museum in England displayed a rather old and valuable vase on the sill of a window in a stairway. Along comes a fellow who [...]

It’s probably gonna be a bad day at work when…..

It’s probably gonna be a bad day at work when they insist on putting the wind tunnel in a pig barn…… (Original post on 7-DEC-2005 8:53 PM)

Satan has retired and is relaxing on the beach!

Clearly, there must be a full moon out somewhere because the nuts are loose! Today, televangelist Pat Robertson called for the murder of a foreign leader. Now THAT is consistent with a pro-life stance! With “spiritual leaders” like this, poor Satan is finding he’s got so little he needs to do that he can retire [...]