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Real men do cry….

Generic Viagra generic viagra capsules I just finished reading a couple of stories in the press about autism. One was a commentary by Jenny McCarthy about her son’s recovery (she stresses not cured) from autism. This ties into the vaccine link controversy. The other story was about a single mom who used a sperm donor [...]

That thin line between just about everything

We as a society consider ourselves civilized. We see ourselves as educated, intelligent, sane. We point to the past and see barbarism and superstition. Yet the Romans, as just one example, considered themselves civilized and those that were not part of the empire were the barbarians. The fact that their society was built on slavery [...]

Israel, the Palestinians, and peace in 90 days?

You know, when two kids are fighting, the parent normally makes them stop, punishes them for fighting and makes them make up/apologize and behave. Ok, granted I’m assuming this is a parent that takes discipline in the home seriously and maybe that’s becoming scarce these days but that off the point here. Isn’t the situation [...]